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6 Reasons Metal Roofing is Great for Contractors

Issue #153 | July 23, 2020 | Ethan Young

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A few thoughts – no doubt you are staying busy while seeing lots of changes occur in the home improvement marketplace. We are seeing an increasingly ripe opportunity for marketing-oriented home improvement contractors such as yourself in high-end residential metal roofing. Residential metal roofing is a growing market with many compelling reasons to enter. In this issue of the Executive Report, we have chosen six of these reasons why adding metal roofing could be right for your company’s present and future business.

  1. Older homeowners are staying put. According to mortgage reporter Deborah Kearns, “from 1997 to 2017, the number of older homeowners (age 55 and up) soared by 60 percent” [1]. When an older homeowner plans to stay in their current home for many years, a metal roof is one of the smartest investments they can make. They won’t have to replace a metal roof every 15-20 years like an asphalt roof. Metal roofing won’t fade or age with little to no maintenance ever required. Offer a premium product perfect for people staying put and investing in their homes.
  2. With new contractors entering the industry, competition is increasing and driving down the prices of asphalt roofing. Contractor numbers are increasing as people lose their jobs and look for new employment. While growth in the job field is great, you don’t want to be caught in a price race to the bottom. High-end metal roofing gives you a premium product that offers the maximum benefit to the customer. Selling metal roofing sets you apart from most contractors.
  3. Home improvement financing availability is declining, increasing the importance of “cash customers” who are attracted to higher-end roofs. Generally, the high-end homeowner will shy away from financing, instead preferring to pay at the time of installation. This fits perfectly with metal roofing, which is a big-ticket item. Know your market and their money.
  4. Homeowners are lowering their operating costs, so energy efficient roofs with solar options are becoming more popular. One major benefit of metal roofing is the increase in energy efficiency. Metal roofing can cut home energy costs by up to 20%, lower attic heat, and work well with solar panels. Solar power generation is becoming a more popular option for homeowners interested in being energy efficient. Show off the “green” side of metal roofing.
  5. Home values are decreasing, so a metal roof with 65% of its value added directly into the home helps the value rebound. According to Rocket Homes, “there are declines in the number of newly listed homes, homes on the market, and buyer interest” [2]. People are staying in their current homes, which means a higher likelihood of investment in their current property. A properly installed high-quality metal roof can add a tremendous amount of value to a home. Add lasting value along with a permanent roofing solution.
  6. Homeowners are increasing spending on home improvement and remodeling. Since 2010, “homeowners [have] spent 50 percent more on remodeling” [1]. The older demographic of homeowners continues this trend, spending “a larger share of their improvement dollars (51 percent) to replacing home components and systems—such as roofing, siding, windows, and plumbing” according to the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University [3]. When older homeowners that are already choosing to stay in their homes spend more on roofing, the perfect opportunity is created to bring them a solution for peace of mind. Follow the spending habits of homeowners.

Metal roofing can be a great way for you to capitalize on the current market and the boom in home improvement spending. Offering a premium product that excels in durability, beauty, and energy efficiency can catapult you above your peers. If you add metal roofing to your repertoire, reach out to previous customers and inform them of your new metal roofing.

I hope these reasons for offering metal roofing can help you decide to offer metal roofing to your customers. Metal roofing can be a great source of profit while helping to cement your position as a trusted and skilled contractor. For any questions about metal roofing please contact us at Isaiah Industries, where we will be happy to put our years of experience to use helping you.

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