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Issue #145 | February 25, 2020 | Todd Miller

Specialty Underlayments For Metal Roofs

I hope this finds you well. February has flown by, including a visit to the International Roofing Expo in Dallas. What an incredible show! Attendance was off the charts and practically every contractor we talked to expects to sell even more metal roofing in 2020 and they see no end in sight to the growth!… ( read more )

Issue #130 | June 26, 2019 | Todd Miller

Are All Metal Roofs Created Equal?

Something is weighing heavily on me today – the future of our industry. I had a contractor send me an email yesterday and, while I am paraphrasing a bit, here’s what he asked me: “All of this talk you make about different types of metal roofs seems like hocus-pocus to me, Todd. I’m a contractor… ( read more )

Issue #103 | May 31, 2018 | Todd Miller

Stay On Top Of Your Numbers

In this issue of the Executive Report, we will continue our series on “What Does It Take To Be Successful?” Throughout 2018, this series will take a look at core attributes of successful home improvement contractors and, in particular, successful residential metal roofing contractors. In previous issues, we have looked at Business Systemization, Professionalism, Commitment,… ( read more )

Issue #85 | September 25, 2017 | Todd Miller

Hurricane Harvey Front Line Roofing Report

I had the opportunity last week to visit the Texas gulf coast that was so very brutalized by Hurricane Harvey. My heart goes out to those impacted by the storm. The amount of human suffering resulting from recent earthquakes and hurricanes is hard to even get your head around. If there is anything good that… ( read more )

Issue #84 | September 15, 2017 | Todd Miller

Continuing Education

Very early on in my business career, I remember my father telling me something that has stuck with me now for 30 years. That was “If you think you’re ‘holding your own’ in business, forget about it. In actuality, you’re declining – because, while you are supposedly ‘holding your own,’ your competition is going around… ( read more )