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Emotion drives buyers, not information

Issue #191 | February 8, 2022 | Ethan Young

As media changes, marketing follows. Newspaper ads and radio spots become TV commercials and now, social media posts. Still, marketing is about awareness and identity. Brands want to be widely known, but specifically for their strengths, their unique competitive edge. For example, you know Coke is soda, but you also know how it tastes.  

The upside of modern marketing is access to a broader audience; the downside is everyone else has access too. In a world full of advertisements, your creative and copy need to be clear and crisp, your identity must be crystal clear, and your competitive advantage impossible to ignore.  

Consumers are inundated with information, absorbing vast quantities every day. The glut of information the Internet provides makes research easy and comparison mandatory. Prospects embark on a journey of discovery for the right solution, scaling up in length as the cost and importance of the purchase increase.  

The power of information is in the hands of the consumer, not the manufacturer or salesperson. If a prospect wants to know the difference between you and a competitor, they Google it. They can read dozens of reviews, watch demos on YouTube, and decide informed by logic and rational thinking. Ultimately though, emotion dictates purchasing decisions, not logic. All the comparing and contrasting in the world is often overridden by a good feeling or the recommendation of a friend.  

The best salespeople understand this, leveraging emotions to influence the buying process. Emotional appeals generate feelings of pride, accomplishment, and success. Customers crave these without vocalizing it. They intrinsically understand that value is more than economical. To put it another way, no one needs a Ferrari. Speed limits don’t allow you to reach the top speed, and everyday driving will never require the superb handling. You buy a Ferrari because of the way it makes you feel and the way it makes other people feel about you. Despite the emotion, a Ferrari still gets you from point A to B, albeit in a more exciting way. 

Premium metal roofing is like a Ferrari. It fulfills the fundamental role of protecting your home from the weather. It also looks better, lasts longer, and protects from hail, fire, and high winds. The value it brings is much higher than the wind or fire rating. It holds emotion for the customer, visibly upgrading their home for them and their neighbors. It makes a permanent statement about them and their status.  

As you market and sell, keep emotion in mind. For all the statistics, studies, and data, people are unpredictable. Creating a strong bond between a metal roof and feelings of success and pride is often more effective than touting the facts. But don’t neglect logic, as it provides the reality check for outlandish claims and clever rewordings.

todd Miller

has spent his entire career in the metal building products manufacturing industry. He is president of Isaiah Industries, an organization recognized as one of the world’s leading metal roofing manufacturers. Todd is currently Vice President of the MRA (Metal Roofing Association) and a Past Chair of MCA (Metal Construction Association). Through his website, he strives to raise the bar on standards and practices to provide property owners with the best possible products for successful roofing projects.

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