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Information for Companies that do In-Home Sales of Residential Metal Roofing

As a leading manufacturer of specialty residential metal roofing, Isaiah Industries is committed to providing unmatched training that leads contractors to unmatched success. While our training is often delivered through individual or group training sessions, much of what we teach is recapped in the Residential Metal Roofing Executive Report, a twice-monthly e-newsletter. This valuable e-newsletter delivers information that is not available elsewhere and is written for contractors and marketing organizations who are currently selling metal roofing, or who might consider it for a future profit center. As one of the fastest growing segments of home improvement, we believe that the future is very bright for all who enter the residential metal roofing industry.

We want to be helpful to you and your business, whether or not you are currently one of our closed network of dealers under the Classic Metal Roofing Systems, Kassel & Irons, or Green American Home brands. We believe that a rising tide raises all ships and will gladly make ourselves available to support you and your efforts. So, please sign up to receive the Residential Metal Roofing Executive Report using the form on this page, and let’s get started!

You are also always welcome to call us at 1-800-543-8938 or visit our Dealership Opportunities page.

Improve Your Businesses in 2016

Issue #45 | January 12, 2016 | Seth Heckaman

With the beginning of another year, all of us are planning and strategizing how we can improve our businesses in 2016 and position ourselves for even more success beyond.

This constant quest for excellence is what separates great organizations from good ones; Excellence is what guarantees the future for ourselves, team members, and customers; an in an ever turbulent economy and societal landscape and in an ever competitive home improvement industry, Excellence is the anchor through which we weather it all.

The top residential home improvement and metal roofing companies in the industry will gather at our headquarters in Piqua, OH for a week of training, networking, and sharing best practices as we all strive towards Excellence. Brian Smith and Bob DeFronzo of Dave Yoho and Associates will be here to discuss Excellence in sales and the financial management of your business and there will be plenty time devoted to networking. The best part – you are only responsible for your travel and lodging; the training is free! You can learn more about our speakers, view the agenda, and register through the website below.

I am confident you will not regret taking time to convene with fellow leaders in our industry to further build Excellence in your business and position yourself for even greater success. Whether currently offering residential metal roofing, no plans to ever incorporate metal roofing, or somewhere in between, these three days of training and networking will serve you well on your quest.

Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime via the email or phone numbers below with any questions, comments, or ways we could be serving you.

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