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Issue #186 | November 9, 2021 | Todd Miller

A Moral Dilemma

I recently visited a homeowner considering a metal roof for their home. About 40 years old, this executive home is tucked back in a beautiful, wooded setting next to a pond. The old roof was a single layer of asphalt shingles. I visited because the homeowner had added onto the home several times, creating a… ( read more )

Issue #185 | October 26, 2021 | Ethan Young

Branding: The Hero’s Journey

When you hear branding, what comes to mind? Logos, slogans, colors, research, and buzzwords all come to mind. Branding, in simplest terms, is the unique fingerprint of your business in a customer’s brain. Brands create allegiance, cause division, and imbue meaning into companies and products we interact with daily.   More than marketing, branding is the… ( read more )

Issue #184 | October 13, 2021 | Todd Miller

The Psychology of Selling and Buying

If you think back on your most recent experience buying a new truck or car, my guess is that it went something like this: You did a lot of research, but in the end, you made your decision surprisingly quick. You paid between $40,000 and $80,000. You paid more than you originally wanted to but… ( read more )

Issue #183 | September 21, 2021 | Ethan Young

Hidden Workers and How to Find Them

Labor shortages aren’t new, and they don’t just affect one industry. Exacerbated by COVID, finding workers is tougher than ever. The funny thing is, job openings are climbing too, so why is matching workers with jobs so hard?   Everyone has their version of the answer, political pundits, your outspoken Facebook friend, your family. And all… ( read more )

Issue #182 | September 1, 2021 | Ethan Young

Lessons from a Live Event

A few weeks ago, Isaiah Industries gifted a needy family a new roof through “Roofs of Love.” Larry and Darlene Case, an older couple in Michigan, had a metal roof installed a few years ago, but it was an agricultural panel and wouldn’t last. It had already leaked, and they needed a permanent roof to… ( read more )

Issue #181 | August 24, 2021 | Jeffrey Friend

The Ripple Effect on a Global Scale: Delays, Shortages, and Price Increases

This week, I sat in on a webinar, Global Supply Chain Disruption. Keith Prather, co-founder of Armada Corporate Intelligence, had prepared it to shed some light on the current shipping delays affecting people worldwide. I’m sure we’ve all experienced these, as manufacturers struggle to fulfill orders and send out shipments. Raw materials can’t make it fast enough,… ( read more )

Issue #180 | August 4, 2021 | Ethan Young

Why Podcasts are Great Marketing Tools

Hello and welcome to the Executive Report, where we share information, industry news, upcoming changes, advice, and ideas to better you and your metal roofing business.  Last time, we dove into Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink, discussing the value of first impressions and quick judgments. Gladwell believes a ‘blink’ captures a wealth of information and influences decisions later. We… ( read more )

Issue #179 | July 21, 2021 | Ethan Young

Blink: First Impressions Set the Tone

Welcome back to the Executive Report, the twice-monthly article series updating you on metal roofing, sales, marketing, and installation. Our last report covered the difference between chasing the cheapest product and providing a premium product to your customers. Many contractors and customers want cheaper, not better, but like the old adage says, “you get what you pay… ( read more )

Issue #178 | July 7, 2021 | Todd Miller

Building Value Makes You Money And Differentiates Your Business

I regularly ask home improvement contractors: “What’s your favorite brand of metal roofing?” Recently, two of them answered with “Whatever I can get the cheapest.” Wow. My mind was blown. Their answers were probably influenced by the recent rise in prices of building materials, including metal roofing. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt… ( read more )

Issue #177 | June 22, 2021 | Ethan Young

David and Goliath: A Tale of Two Industries

Welcome back to the Executive Report, a twice-monthly source of sales, marketing, and installation tips for the metal roofing industry. Our last article covered the basics of passive house design and how metal roofing might play a major role in its rise. Most of us are familiar with the old story of David and Goliath,… ( read more )

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